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With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the eastern seaboard, I went out yesterday afternoon to acquire provisions.  The grocery store was a horrifying alternative hell dimension, with bare shelves and soulless long-suffering patrons standing in endless queues, clinging to their meager armloads of bottled beverages and second rate snack foods.  Fortunately, I was seeking a different type of supplies: entertainment, my good friends.  I passed the grocery store and strolled onward toward the pharmacy for popcorn and movies.  Unfortunately, the pharmacy was out of popcorn.  But they had beer, and the Blockbuster kiosk was relatively un-plundered!  Having recently discussed Intolerable Cruelty on the podcast, I was pleased to find this film on offer.

I said in the podcast that I hadn’t seen Intolerable Cruelty.  That was only half true; I had, in fact, seen the second half before.  Once I realized my error and brought my fuzzy recollections into sharper relief, I was free to enjoy the film, and I did just that.  I enjoyed George Clooney’s hamminess.  I enjoyed the bold stylization and absurd writing.  I found I particularly enjoyed the first half of the film.  I can’t be certain that my preference wasn’t due entirely to novelty, but I suspect the first half is simply stronger.  I was practically in ecstasy during the courtroom scene for Rex and Marilyn’s divorce.  That scene is complete brilliance! The camera angles are designed to exaggerate.  The acting is over the top by miles.  The writing is perfectly ludicrous.  It all adds up to complete and utter absurdity, and I love it!

The film starts falling apart for me when it asks you to buy into the genuine love of the two main characters.  Not that any of the film is particularly believable… but their love story is also not particularly compelling.  I can’t really root for either of these characters.  I believe this is why the second half of the film doesn’t really work for me, though it’s hard not to adore the scenes with Wheezy Joe.  Still… the second half falls flat and the ending is a bit of a non-event.  Nevertheless, it’s good fun and totally worth the watch.  B


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